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Artwork Info

We can accept your artwork in many different formats depending on the program it was developed it. Please see our listings below to determine the best way to send your artwork to us.

1) Photoshop
a) high res line art only (color jpegs or gifs can not be color separated)
b) tiff or eps files are acceptable

2) Illustrator version 8
a) eps files are acceptable
b) embedded images may cause problems
c) please convert text to outlines
d) please build in spot PMS colors, not CMYK unless 4 color process is desired

3) Freehand version 8
a) eps files acceptable
b) please convert text to paths

4) Corel Draw version 8
a) please convert text to curves

5) Quark Xpress version 4
a) If you build a logo in Quark please include all links and fonts If your logo is not in one of the above formats, please email it to us and we will convert it to a camera-ready file.

Email your file to: Artwork modified by VM is free unless it takes longer than 30 minutes or is overly complicated. Minutes are accumulated as you make changes or revise your artwork.